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RVI 's goal is to support our business partners while focusing on product development and customer support. We provide marketing assistance and product demos to support your sales efforts. We offer installation skills using our trained resources...or you may certify your own! All sales of Real Vision Document Imaging Solutions are exclusively through our certified business partner sales channel.

Reasons To Choose Us

Two Re-Marketing Categories
A Certified RVI Business Partner is authorized
to market and sell RVI Document Imaging
Solutions when the RVI Remarketer Agreements
are completed. RVI can provide installation
services or the RVI Business Partner can
become certified to perform the installation

A Referral Business Partner is a partner that
elects not to become certified and teams with
an RVI Certified Business Partner on sales
opportunities. The Referral Partner will
establish a cooperative agreement for
marketing and compensation directly with the
Certified Business Partner.

Becoming RVI certified is as simple as having a
Remarketers Agreement in place.
Cost Effective Solutions
Are you looking for a cost effective solution that
will drive sales to your company?

Since 1992, RVI has provided a feature rich
and affordable cross industry imaging solution.
Solutions for Every Prospect
Are you looking for a solution that you can sell to any prospect?

To expand our marketplace, RVI will soon be releasing the "RVI-SB" solution. This new server based version of Real Vision Imaging will accomodate Windows and other server based platforms.
Outstanding Marketing Support
Are you looking for a company that provides great marketing support, product demonstrations, marketing campaigns and product literature?

RVI does all this and more! We make it easy for partners to work with us. We provide free demonsration support, product training and a marketing resource center to assist your sales efforts.
Our Focus
RVI is an ISV. Our focus is on product development, customer support and marketing support for our partners. RVI does not sell software or hardware directly to end users, so partners never view us as the competition.
Easy Start
With RVI, getting started is easy. There are no upfront fees to become a partner and our goal is to build a long term relationship with our partners and support your sales efforts.
Resource Center

The Business Partner Resource Center is your central source for marketing materials and tools designed to help you with your sales of Real Vision Document Imaging Systems. Industry training, justification tools, budget and planning proposals, marketing collateral, presentations, whitepapers, customer references, product information and demonstration support materials are all here! And you can find links to nearly every key industry resource you may be searching for.




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For more information about becoming a RVI Certified Business Partner, contact:


John Paul Roundtree

Vice President

Phone: 318.855.0283

Mobile: 903.243.4454


Len Knudsen CDIA

RVI Marketing & Partner Alliance

Phone: 318.268.3453

Mobile: 904.910.7072 

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