Platforms - RVI for IBM i                                

This legacy of the RVI system was originally designed exclusively for the IBM AS/400 and has been available since 1992. It can interface with software applications running in a green-screen, web or PC environment.


RVI for IBMi



The RVI Complete system is a feature-rich toolkit equipped with everything necessary for most paperless office projects. You pay one price for unlimited users.

The RVI Complete Imaging System is a powerful and robust imaging solution that incorporates all features of the two entry level systems plus, advanced imaging functions to satisfy a variety of business needs. Like the Spool File and Basic Systems, RVI Complete is easily integrated with any IBM i application, user friendly and scalable from a pilot program to an enterprise wide solution.

Image Management - Workflow
●  Overdue notifications by email, report or message to user and supervisor
●  Approval or Disapproval status of items within a work queue
●  Auto-delete and additional routing from the users work queue after Approval/Disapproval
●  Combine multiple documents into one file to email or fax
Image Management - Route to CD
●  HTML file with column sorting capabilities
●  Spool files and images converted to PDF
PC Viewer
●  External list of associated file types to launch an external viewer
●  Thumbnail view of documents
●  Pick and choose selected pages from thumbnails for viewing
●  Enhanced Permanent History functions with selected delete option
●  RVI PC Viewer externally callable from user PC application
●  Multiple colored highlights
●  Search for text within OEM documents
●  Embedded Web capability inside RVI PC Viewer for inquiry, workflow, and scanning
●  Notepad / Sticky Notes
●  Kofax and Twain scanning support during same scanning session
●  Multi Function and Network Attached Scanner Support
●  Shuffle pages during scanning prior to acceptance and upload
●  Delete pages during scan prior to acceptance and upload
●  Rotate and save during scan prior to acceptance and upload
●  More descriptive indexing from BC/OCR button, based on System Code
●  More descriptive index assignment from standalone PC scanning, based on System Code
●  Setup, maintenance, and search capability for 99 indexes per image Image system linking, image lookup, based on security, to an image system from a different image system.
●  Search by wildcard, contains, includes or range.
●  Drag and drop
●  Auto poll importing
●  User created index files (XML import)
●  Send to RVI, external documents imported in their native format
●  Print to RVI, print an external document as a TIFF and place it into the RVI viewer as a drag and drop image
Web Application
●  Scanning from the Web in black & white or color
●  Importing external files using a Drag and Drop procedure
●  Display scanned images, spool files, spool-with-green bar, spool-with-scanned-overlay as PDF in Web Viewer
●  Batch indexing through the Web
●  Document Tabbing inquiry through the Web
●  Multi-line notes in Web Viewer
●  Web column sorting for inquiry
●  View route members workflow entries over the Web
●  Auto detect and download Web Viewer
Email from IBMi
●  Up to 30 attachments per email from the RVI Inquiry screen
●  Multiple addresses, including To: and Cc: addressing
●  Each IBM i user has their own individual return address
●  Customizable program to get return address based on IBM i User ID
●  Unlimited message text when sending interactive email
●  AFP documents emailed as TIFF images or PDF
The RVI Express system includes all the same capabilities as the RVI Complete system, but is restricted to ten users.

Companies are looking for a low cost imaging solution with a rapid ROI. The RVI Express solution is a full function, digital imaging system that has the ability to expand as needed. This affordable solution is a great way to get rid of paper and allow access to documents/reports immediately in the office or over the internet.

Start your imaging project with a single department or application and as the imaging needs expand, RVI “Express” can easily and cost effectively advance past the 10 user license to the unlimited user license.

The RVI Spool File system specifically monitors / captures only data from your IBM i print output queues. The RVI Spool File System is an entry level imaging solution for IBM i spool file capture, storage and retrieval. It eliminates the need for distributing multiple copies of printed reports and this system is fully upgradeable to the RVI Complete Imaging System.

● Internet Support
● IFS Support
Standard and Boolean searching
Ability to save pre-defined search settings by user
Branching from a report to associated indexed items using pre-defined “Hot Spots”
Pre-search for specific information within multiple reports
AFP capture, index, view and print capabilities
Report distribution, routes reports to specific users as TXT, CSV, PDF or HTML
Overlay viewing of spool file data with pre-scanned template
Note pad function for adding notes to existing spool file images
Custom reports, ports data to an ASCII format for offload to a spreadsheet program
Supports outbound faxing with overlays if needed
PDF Support for captured spool files
Email Reports to specific users as TXT, CSV, PDF or HTML
RVI Advanced IBM i Spool File Viewer
GUI PC Spool File Viewer
RVI Web Viewer can display spool files as PDF or HTML
Supports viewing on any PC or terminal with access to the IBM i.
Storage options: Plasmon “G” Series optical libraries, DASD/IFS or Network Attached Storage Devices
Easily integrated with any IBM i application with as few as 4 lines of code
Enhanced “Screen Scrape” Interface requires no source modifications
All indexes are maintained in one native IBM i database
Security by system, user and index level
Detailed auditing for processing, optical burn, viewing, printing and faxing
Staging on DASD/IFS with a permanent copy on Optical or Network Drive
Data compression on DASD and Optical
Typical installation, application interface, and training - 3 days
The RVI Basic system is a simplified capture solution for just imaging data (scanned or imported). The RVI Basic Imaging System is an entry level imaging solution for scanning, storing and retrieving black & white documents, color images and imported external documents. Commonly referred to as a Digital File Cabinet, it is fully upgradeable to the RVI Complete Imaging System.