Features                                  NEW  RVI 9.0 Now Available

  • OneLook Viewer
    The "OneLook" Viewer provides a consistant end-user experience across all RVI ECM systems,
    IBM i, Windows, Cloud and mobile devices.
  • Advanced Recognition Advanced Recognition
    Data extraction and intellegent capture taken to the next level!
  • eSignatures       
    RVI supports signature pad devices or stored signatures.
  • Interfaces 
    RVI can interface with most applications.
  • RVI Systems Brochure RVI Systems Brochure
    Do you still head for the filing cabinet whenever you need information? What if all your key business documents were just one click away?
  • Storage Options Storage Options
    DASD/IFS, Network Archive, Network Storage Devices, Alliance/Plasmon storage...RVI supports them all!
  • Compare Systems
    Compare the features of RVI for IBMi, RVI Cloud and RVI for Windows.
  • Business Partner Resource Center See How It Works
    Take an RVI Video tour!
    See the features available for each RVI Enterprise Content Management solution.