Andrews Center

"Andrews Center has been a Real Vision customer for over ten years. The RVI products have allowed us to reduce the amount of printing and dependency on paperwork dramaticaly over the years in every aspect of our business, especially with the elimination of paper medical charts. The support staff can't be beat, always above and beyond. RVI software is very reliable, cost effective. and easy to implement and maintain. Thanks Real Vision!"

Knight Transportation

"By integrating RVI into our core processes, we have been able to achieve significant reductions in the time it takes to process transactions and deliver documents to our customers and employees. RVI has proven to be highly reliable and provides us with a cost effective imaging solution while providing a framework for automation and innovation."


"We have successfully used the RVI product for years to capture information from MAC-PAC spool files and index them for user inquiries in the green screen environment. In late 2009, we were able to implement a process using the scanning features of RVI with our MAC-PAC accounts payable process. We took advantage of RVI's fully functional browser based lookup, approval applications and workflow methods to streamline the entire process."

Maverick USA

"Our goal is to automate as much as possible. With RVI, we now produce very few printouts and seldom touch paper any more. Our biggest payback has come with rendition billing and keeping track of driver records (safety, training and recruiting documents). RVI has really helped reduce our turn-around times, establish better audit / security controls, reduce our expenses and eliminate the hassle of handling paper."

Quaker Windows & Doors

"RVI has helped Quaker Windows move towards a paperless facility for over ten years now. Having customer and internal documents available at our fingertips allows us to respond to customer requests immediately and accurately. Real Vision has become a core part of our manufacturing operation and has been a great company to work with over the years."

PAM Transport

"PAM Transport, Inc. has utilized RVI document management since 1998 and has integrated the RVI software to support document handling throughout our organization. RVI has been very helpful with support and system development over the years. Their system has provided a framework that we have used to gain efficiencies in-house and effectively provide information to customers and other third parties."

"Thomson Reuters integration with RVI is what we value. Finding events recorded in past minutes for our commissioners is now easy. We can attach deeds to tax parcels and share them throughout the courthouse without using paper! And it's comforting to know that all our important documents are backed up in the event of a disaster." 

Titus County, Kansas

"A product, whether its hardware or software, is only as good as the maintenance or support provided by its company. The support staff at Real Vision is always available to solve any problem that may arise whether it is a network problem that effects the use of their software or simply a user issue. They are very knowledgable of their product and always correct problems in a very timely manner. Real Vision software has been a very useful tool in our office providing us with imaging and scanning ability and I would recommend this company to anyone in search of imaging software."

Eastern National Bank

"Eastern National Bank is a midsized community bank dedicated to small and midsized businesses in Miami, Florida. ENB purchased Real Vision software in 2007 to replace a standalone, Windows based spool file capture system and replace our signature cards that were stored in microfiche with RVI's imaging solution being fully integrated with our core banking package.

It is ENB's belief that by implementing the RVI Spool File and Imaging solution, we have been able to reduce our cost, improve customer service and centralize our reports and images in our IBM Host System making that information easily available to local and remote users. The ROI for this investment in technology was rapid and ongoing."

Southwesterm Motor Transport

"We have been very satisfied with RVI software and their support. A couple lines of code and RVI was implemented into our infrastructure. By far, the easiest software implemented to date. It has paid for itself many times over."

Mendocino County, California

"Mendocino County, California, has been an RVI customer for over ten years. We have utilized the system to image and store Accessor's property data, the County's invoices and contracts, planning department documents and case files for the District Attorney and Public Defender. It has become a very valuable asset at a very low cost of ownership. RVI's support staff is nothing short of "stellar". We are always able to get through to them in a timely fashion and their ability to "remote in" has enabled them to solve every challenge we have ever presented."

Magid Glove

"RVI ensures that no document is left behind!  RVI is much more than an application, it is a toolkit that can customize work processes exactly the way your users need them to be done.”

Tahoe Forest Hospital

"As a small rural health system, Real Vision Software (RVI) has helped us to achieve a document management system that we could not otherwise afford. With the use of RVI, we have reduced paper costs, reduced space requirements for records, and nursing staff costs to track down records. We have been able to bring our patient and financial documents real time to the right people with the proper security levels. This has helped us expedite our patient's treatment and care. The level of customer service is excellent, far above many of our vendors. RVI is one of the best investments we have made."

Rapides Parish Clerk of Court

"Real Vision Imaging Systems has been our imaging solution since their inception. It is important for us to protect filed documents. Daily, through the RVI software, we scan the filed documents making them available for viewing, which reduces the handling of the originals. We have confidence that our documents captured through RVI can, and will always be capable of being retrieved. The support and staff at RVI are always professional, courteous and prompt. "

Homewood Health

We began using RVI almost ten years ago. Through the years, we've found ways to improve our processes by taking advantage of RVI's scanning and spool file capturing ability, implementing automatic report distribution and setting up browser viewing capabilities to the point where RVI is now one of our core applications. RVI's support staff is great to work with and always go above and beyond to help us find ways to better integrate the software into our systems."

Wilson Logistics

"What we liked about RVI is they really listened to our needs and customized the software to what we asked for.  That was HUGE!  RVI has become like a light switch.  We just expect it to work – every day, every time, and with absolutely no issues."


"RVI has helped FFE go paperless in nearly every aspect of our business. Drivers now scan documents from their truck cabs directly to RVI. Our billing and delivery PODs are electronically distributed so our customers can easily include the document in their own scanning systems. The quality and consistency of RVI support is better than any software vendor that we have ever worked with. Your calls are directed to a skilled resource who solves your problem with a "rifle shot" versus a "shotgun" approach."

Brown County, Kansas

"We've used RVI for several years and have been very satisfied with the product and support they provide. They always respond quickly to our support calls and are very willing to go the extra mile to help out."

Eastland County, Texas

"RVI is like having ALL your files right at your fingertips. RVI is a great way to manage, utilize and preserve your files. RVI has outstanding customer service and continues to provide new and exciting ways to use their software."

Jefferson County, Kansas

"We've been a satisfied RVI customer since 1996. Their technical support is excellent. They are quick to resolve problems and are always willing to try out new ideas for you."

Borden Dairy

"RVI running on an IBM Power i provides us with rock solid stability and maximum security for all our documents and data.  RVI was easy to install, simple to use, and their support team is as reliable as our IBM i server."

Melton Truck Lines

"Faster access to paperwork has really improved our customer service capabilities. And the convenience of 24/7 web access to shipping documents has been a major benefit for our customers."

Zwilling J. A. Henklels

"Our philosophy is start simple and make it work and gradually expand - RVI does just that."
- John Henkle, CFO and VP Operations"

Hopkins County, Texas

"Over the past many years we have developed and maintain a very successful relationship with RVI. Their support staff is amazing and their response time is unparalleled. They are knowledgeable, friendly and have terrific memories. It is rare, but on the few instances that I have had to place a second call regarding a problem, they remember who I am, what the problem was and what they did the previous time. The software is easy to learn and use and is extremely versatile. I have no problem recommending this company to anyone or to any organization that has imaging needs.

RVI is a valuable tool for us to verify inmate identification. We make the pictured ID arm bands using RVI and rely on them when we pass medication and commissary. It alleviates misidentification errors. We also benefit from RVI doing line-ups and it is really nice to have such quick and easy access to mug shots."


"RVI has been a part of our operations since 2000. It has helped so many departments save time looking for documents, not to mention all the space that has been saved by eliminating rows of filing cabinets. Our employees love not having to get up and search for documents, its available right at their desk. The updates seem to always have new features that are helpful. The staff is always courteous and prompt."