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On one occasion, she had a bad grade, the teacher asked her father to her office. They were talking a lot, and then her father got out and only said:” We go home.” Cathy found her was the happiest child in the world. An independent girl,Elizabeth always went back to school early after winter vacation. She looked for work in various ways, such as, online, recommendation of her friend and so on. Last year, she successfully found two jobs that is doing tutor, writing for the company. As she had to both study and work, she sometimes was tired, but to make a living, she was always sticking to it at last.,Jinnee and Redid were classmates when they read in high school. Redid was a beautiful girl, but Jinnee did not love him at that time, they are just friends. On one hand, he was not handsome. On the other hand, his family was not rich. Two year later, they were admitted to different universities, and didn’t keep in touch with each other constantly.,Ellen is a sales manager in ABC Company in ABC Company; He is very rich and often goes to work by driving her own car. One day, under the pouring rain outside, Ellen hesitated for a moment. In order to keep safe, Ellen made up his mind to attend one meeting by bus.,In a moment, Ellyn picked up the style she liked. After payment account, he drove back, singing satisfactorily.Self-deception
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