best stores to shop on black fridaywith good customer service,Secure payment customer care fast delivery Moncler Svart S Hiroko Dam Ned Jacka I love that Birkenstock has made a comeback in the fashion world. Finally! Actual, comfortable shoes that are in style! Praise the shoe gods and order a pair in every color. Sadly, though, my daytime employer doesn’t like us to wear backless sandals, so the Arizona is out after I’ve exhausted my “but I have a blister on the back of my foot that doesn’t allow me to wear full-backed shoes” excuse.,First of all, not that I’m staking claim by any means, but I proudly and excitedly blogged about the Birkenstock comeback kid two months ago–long before J. Crew’s style guide hit the mailboxes this season. Not to mention, some of the images I used in the Birkenstock post were from Australia’s online edition of Vogue and another blogger from August and July of last year, respectively. Also, if I had made the faux pas of referring to Birkenstock in the plural like J. Crew did, my editor would not have been happy (right, Erik?).

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