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RVI Document Imaging Solutions

Real Vision Software, Inc.
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Real Vision Software, Inc. is an IBM Advanced Business Partner company.

RVI is a paperless office solution that enables you to digitize and organize your documents making them available for later retrieval including secured access over the web or even from a mobile device.

Digital documents are easier to find, share, protect and manage resulting in greater efficiency and faster responses. Backup capabilities for electronic documents are significantly improved versus storing physical paper records.

For the past 25 years, Real Vision Software has developed and supported the RVI systems. Our initial version was specific to the AS/400 platform and marketed as an IBM logo software product for ten consecutive years.

Over 1,000 companies depend on RVI every day to operate their business efficiently. Government   agencies, medical providers, transportation firms, manufacturers, distributors and finance / insurance institutions are just some of the many industries using RVI to battle their paperwork challenges.

RVI was designed to easily integrate with existing software applications.  The RVI product includes powerful features to accommodate various needs throughout the organization. The simple price structure of RVI allows for growth.

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John Paul Roundtree
Marketing Director
Phone 318.855-0283
Mobile 903.243.4454
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Len Knudsen CDIA
RVI Marketing & Partner Alliance
Phone 318.268-3453
Mobile 904.910.7072
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Our goal is to automate as much as possible. With RVI, we now produce very few printouts and seldom touch paper any more.Our biggest payback has come with rendition billing and keeping track of driver records (safety, training and recruiting documents).

Our History

Real Vision Software, Inc. (RVI) developes RVI Basic, RVI Spool File and RVI Complete document imaging systems.
RVI Mobile Document Management  and Mobile Signature Capture becomes available.

RVI is am IBM Business Partner
RVI - Cloud, RVI for Windows applications are now available!

RVI is am IBM Business Partner
The IBM logo is a registered trademark and the IBM Business Partner Emblem is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation of America and are used together under license