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For customers interested in a non-premises option, the RVI-Cloud runs in two stable and replicated data centers with predictable monthly rates based on your company's data storage use. Unlimited users and RVI annual support are included in the monthly subscription charge.


Our cloud provider is located in the southwestern US region in one of the most secure commercial sites in the nation designed to meet Department of Defense anti-terrorism force protection codes. All data and images are backed-up and replicated to a similar site located in the western US region giving you peace of mind that your data is securely stored and available 24x7 for authorized user access.



The "One Look" Viewer supports viewing, scanning, workflow, image maintenance interfacing and screen scrape. 

For more information about OneLook's special features:
     OneLook - Data Extraction for Spool files
     OneLook - Linking
     OneLook - Audit Graphing
     OneLook - Downloading Indexes

The RVI Cloud Solution provides a stable and reliable operating environment for your business data with reduced IT operating costs and a rapid ROI with predictable monthly billing based on your company's individual usage.
  Unlimited users, no user fees.
  Monthly pricing includes RVI Complete software, a server, storage starting at 100GB and support for the total solution.
   Complete solution with scanning, workflow, viewing
  Available 24/7 from anywhere there is internet access.
  Includes capture/storage of PC documents, reports, files, photos and videos.
  Five levels of security to protect data and images.
  Backup is performed immediately for images and imports.
  Audit and tracking of every document - who, what, when, where, etc.
  Expandable to 65 applications or departments.

  Up to 99 index values for each application or department.

  Interfaced to your applications

  Android and Apple tablets and smartphones are supported.

  "Pay as You Grow" pricing - upgrade to more storage as you need it.


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